Stiiizy Gummies 100MG


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 All edibles are not created equal. STIIIZY's new Sour Weed Gummy line features state of the art nano-molecular enhancement for rapid onset of effects, and are infused with live resin for a true full spectrum experience. Every bag features 10 doses at ten mg per dose for a total of 100 mg of THC per bag. STIIIZY Sour Weed Gummies are avalable in Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid options and come in delicious flavors such as Sour Apple, Caribbean Breeze, Blue Raspberry Blast, and Sour Strawberry. Yum.

100MG Total THC, 10 MG Per Piece
Segmented into 10 10MG Servings
Non-Vegan and Contains Coconut (Tree Nut)
Fast-acting Nano-molecular Enhanced
Made with Live Resin

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Pineapple Paradise, Crimson Berry 2:1, Watermelon Wave, Whiteberry 2:1, Sour Strawberry, Carribean Breeze, Mango Tango, Midnight Berry 2:1, Blue Raspberry Blast, Fruit Punch Splash